Open Source

Open Skelet – Solution To Lower Body Disabilities

  • Easy and cheap manufacturing

    Easy and cheap manufacturing

  • Comfortable harness

    Comfortable harness

  • Customizable



Open Skelet is an open sourced project, with all the hardware 3D models and sources available here. The supporting construction is made of aluminium, but most of the other components can be 3D printed to save on costs. 

The whole kit can be bought directly from us, if you don’t have the resources to make one yourself.


Open skelet comes with an app, through which you connect to your device over Bluetooth. The app serves as a remote control and a monitoring system of the device.

The app will also walk you through a buying process of the Open Skelet kit.


Inkosmetic is a free opensource application made for people with allergies to some cosmetic ingredients. You can easily take photo of the ingredients, which are listed on every cosmetic product. The application recognizes text and compares it with a database of ingredients. The application sorts ingredients by a danger rating and you can read about the possible influence of each ingredient on your health.

We solve advanced optical recognition systems, visual detection and pick up navigation:

  • System design and simulation
  • Time analysis
  • Programming
  • Production of gripping systems
  • Integration