HW and SW solution  for 3D indoor location system

Inposys is our new 3D software for the Windows platform. The software provides connection with servers to obtain positional data of tags, using anchors connected to the system. This data is visualized in a real 3D model of a building or any other object and can be used for monitoring of the actual situation on site. We can easily track the selected goods, storage, indoor vehicles, visitors, employees, etc. It is easy to see the history of every single tag to set up the optimal path through the process of your factory. The software allows configuration of an anchor mesh. In tag selection you can individualy set up the tag mode.



    FPGA based Linux server is our unique technological device.


  • FPGA based Linux server is our unique technological device
  • This integrated system is used for collection and evaluation of data from the anchors
  • We can connect up to 36 anchors per server
  • The data from anchors is processed on a dedicated HW, which calculates the position of each tag and sends it to our software
  • This hardware guarantees an error resistant comunication network with real time data computation
  • More servers can be set up to create larger meshes


  • Anchors are used to exchange data with tags, the received data is then sent to the server over Ethernet
  • Anchors must be installed around the area of interest in a mesh
  • Anchors have around 100 m detection range in an open space, but range and precision strongly depend on the infrastructure – walls, presence metal devices etc.
  • A minimum of three anchors is needed to provide tracking of tags


  • Tags are electronic beacons which are tracked
  • Tags listen for anchor requests and respond accordingly
  • The tag is attached to the object that is being tracked
  • We can track goods, vehicles, people, etc.
  • Detection precision is generally ±20 cm, depending on the surroundings and the anchor mesh density
  • Time resolution depends on the usage and can be programmed to either increase battery life or to increase precision